Sometimes we get stuck in a rut; stuck in a certain way of thinking. I love to travel and experience new places, but when you are perpetually single, travel seems . . . well a little daunting!

Starved Rock State Park, in Illinois, had been on my radar for nearly 5 years. On and uneventful Fall evening, dreaming once again about when I would find someone who wanted to go there with me, I made a decision – or maybe more of a long overdue realization! I don’t need anyone to travel with me!! So at 8:30 in the evening, I found myself in my car heading to the East!

That unplanned trip lead to the planning of an adventure that started April 29, 2016 and lasted 80 days and 13,454 miles!

The next adventure up is a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel starting November 3, 2016 – Follow along with me as I travel to the Holy Land and walk in the footsteps of Jesus!


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Catina, I work with your Mom and she gave me your blog site. Your adventures look so exciting. Keep up the posts as its fun traveling with you. Have fun and safe travels. Ginny


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